Concert Balladur et Fabrizio Di Salvo

visuel balladurfini.jpg
Affiche : Cécile Lemaitre pour ödl

Balladur: est un duo de Villeurbanne qui aime le dub, la pop et la noise. Il est composé d’Amédée (Somaticae, Roger West, Insiden) et de Romain (Romain de Ferron, Insiden).

Fabrizio Di Salvo : Una Corda Meccanica is a developed work by Fabrizio Di Salvo, which deals with the musical examination of the zither. The zither is not played conventionally, but with 9 Servomotors and 3 electromagnetic Modulators. Digitaliy it works with Granular-Synthesis that allows it to have a macro aspect in the sound created by the instrument. One could understand it as a sound-Etude in order to elicit new sounds from the instrument. The result is a sound field from a variety of colors and textures which gives the composition itself a very particular organic language.